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WowerEdge The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX Launch

The Dell EMC PowerEdge MX is the company's newest blade architecture that has been designed from the ground up to incorporate today's latest technologies and accommodate tomorrow's emerging technologies and workloads

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 NVMe Hot Swap AMD EPYC in Action

We show the Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 NVMe hot swap functionality in action. This is one of the first AMD EPYC 7001 series platforms to support the critical data center storage feature

Ultimate Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 Review Top 1P 2U EPYC Today

Our Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 review shows why this is the top 2U AMD EPYC single socket platform on the planet today. The PowerEdge R7415 sports an enormous capacity for high-speed networking, NVMe storage, memory capacity, cores counts, and just about every other aspect that makes a server good.
Dell EMC HPC And AI Innovation Lab

Dell EMC Zenith Supercomputer Headlines the HPC and AI Innovation Lab

The Dell EMC Zenith Supercomputer combines different families of Intel CPUs and Omni-Path interconnects to place #265 in the latest Top500 supercomputers list. It also is showcasing its 13,000 square foot HPC and AI innovation lab

Dell Technologies is Going Public Again

After years of operating as a private company owned by private equity firms and Michael Dell, Dell Technologies is going public again but will leave VMware as a separate publicly traded company 81% owned by Dell Technologies

Dell EMC Extreme Scale Infrastructure Group Adopts M.2 For Capacity NVMe...

The Dell EMC Extreme Scale Infrastructure Group adopts M.2 for capacity NVMe storage offering dual 100Gbps links and up to 40x M.2 SSDs in a single 1U server

Dell EMC S4112-ON Half-Width 10GbE to 100GbE Switches

New Dell EMC S4112-ON half-width 10GbE to 100GbE switches deliver high-speed networking in fiber (S4112F-ON) or 10Gbase-T (S4112T-ON) networking in a compact form factor

Dell EMC VxRail and VxRack SDDC Update

The new Dell EMC VxRail and VxRack SDDC updates bring new Dell EMC 14th Generation PowerEdge servers with more performance and capacity and new automation tools to give customers a quick and easy on-ramp to a hyperconverged software-defined data center

Dell EMC PowerMax Launched for High-end Storage

Dell EMC PowerMax is the replacement for VMAX for high-end storage. Embracing NVMe storage and future storage class memory storage (such as Intel Optane) and a machine learning based data placement engine, the new PowerMax offers exceptional performance

Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa Announced For GPU Accelerated Databases and Analytics

The Dell EMC PowerEdge R940xa is a 4 socket, 32x SSD, and 4x GPU or 8x FPGA system intended for high-end scale up GPU accelerated databases and analytics