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Cisco Nexus 9000 adds 400G and 800G Options

The new 400GbE Cisco Nexus 9800, Nexus 9400, and Nexus 9300 generation of switches are here with an eye for 800GbE in the near future

Cisco UCS X-Series Modular Server Modernized

The Cisco UCS X-Series is the company's modern blade server solution that follows industry trends such as going backplane-less

Cisco UCS M6 Series Adds 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Ice Lake...

The Cisco UCS M6 series adds 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake support bringing Intel offerings to its new generation of servers

Cisco Catalyst 9300X Series with 25GbE and 1Tbps StackWise-1T

The new Cisco Catalyst 9300X series is designed to push 25GbE further to the edge and has options for Cisco's 1Tbps StackWise-1T stacking

New Cisco UCS C245 M6 and C225 M6 Servers Sport AMD...

New Cisco UCS C245 M6 and C225 M6 servers sport AMD EPYC 7003 series codenamed "Milan" processors and a lot of flexibility

Cisco Catalyst Micro Switch Series Launched

The new Cisco Catalyst Micro Switch series helps companies bridge their edge PoE+ needs with a compact Cisco-branded switch

Fake Cisco Switches in the Supply Chain Uncovered

F-Secure detailed their findings of fake Cisco Catalyst switches and the lengths the counterfeiters went through to recreate a popular switch

Building a Lab Part 2 Building Our Network

In part 2 of our Building a Lab series, we take a look at the network setup used to build our lab. We also discuss challenges and what can be done better

Innovium TERALYNX 8 25.6Tbps Switch Chip Launched

The Innovium TERALYNX 8 is a 7nm 25.6Tbps switch chip that looks to provide the benefits of Broadcom Tomahawk and Trident without the drawbacks

IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker Shipments Slow Inspur Grows Again

We discuss the IDC 3Q19 Quarterly Server Tracker numbers and show how Dell and HPE are leading with Inspur still rising quickly