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Amazon AWS EC2 Mac Mini Powered MacOS Instances Launched

Amazon AWS EC2 now has MacOS bare metal instances powered by 2018 Mac Mini Intel Core i7 32GB systems available as mac1.metal dedicated hosts

Nuvia Gets a Refreshed Funding Round

NUVIA announced that it closed a $240M Series B funding round to help bring its Arm-based Orion and Phoenix-based server products to market

Investigating Implausible Bloomberg Supermicro Stories

We thoroughly evaluate the claims made by Bloomberg in their Supermicro China tampering stories and found them likely impossible or implausible at best. We take stock of sources and discuss the next steps calling for formal SEC and shareholder investigations of Bloomberg.

3 Images Showing How Apple’s Pecking Bar Lost October 2016

We share three images to showcase how the new Apple Pecking Bar on its MacBook Pro is years behind Microsoft's vision of immersive computing

Apple Expanding to Home Automation?

Is Apple moving into home automation? Apple employees are spotted in home automation sections of Silicon Valley retailers and it makes sense why.

Did Apple just Osborne its iPhone Sales?

News recently is that Apple just announced a press event on 12 September 2012 which everyone thinks is going to be the big iPhone...

How to Install an Apple Magic Trackpad in Windows 7

When building my latest HTPC, I decided that I would want to use the Apple Magic Trackpad as the mouse. The Magic Trackpad is...

2012, Telecommuting, Video Conferencing: Why do sick people still come to...

I arrived to work on the third day of 2012 only to find that half of the people in this vast room with seemingly...

Apple Sends Cease and Desist Order to Amahi – Name the...

One bit of news that I thought deserves some attention is that Apple has sent a cease and desist letter regarding the open source...

Apple’s iCloud: Not the End to SMB/ Home Storage Servers

One question I have been getting a lot lately has been whether or not I think Apple's iCloud is going to be the end...