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Amazon AWS EC2 Reserved Instance Pricing: A major change

Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 just made a major change to its reserved instance pricing: the potential to eliminate up-front costs.

Testing New AWS T2 instances with Linux-Bench Benchmark

We took the new Amazon AWS T2 instances and an Intel Atom C2550 and ran them through the Linux-Bench script to see if there was evidence of throttling

Cloud Compute for Under a Quarter Per Hour – Amazon AWS...

Benchmarking Amazon AWS EC2 instances and Rackspace cloud servers that cost under a quarter per hour to operate.

Colocation Architecture – STH 2013 – Provider Selection

ServeTheHome selects a colocation provider to power its 2013 architecture as it moves from the Amazon EC2 cloud to lower expenses

Reduced Amazon EC2 Cloud Pricing – How it Impacts Hosting Cost...

How recently reduced Amazon EC2 cloud pricing impacts a hosting analysis comparing Amazon AWS, VPS, dedicated server and colocation options.

Falling From the Sky Part 3 – Evaluating Amazon EC2, VPS,...

Continuing the series on evaluating potential hosting options for STH, we looked at Amazon EC2, VPS, Colocation and Dedicated server options

Falling From the Sky Part 2 – Requirements Driving Cloud Departure

Requirements driving and guiding the site's departure from the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure.

Falling From the Sky – Why STH is Leaving the Cloud

In 2012 ServeTheHome grew by 8.5% month-over-month over the entire year. In fact, it just about doubled between July 2012 and December 2012 and...

Amazon S3 Storage Getting Slightly Less Expensive

For those that store information on Amazon's S3 cloud storage platform, good news, it is going to be a bit less expensive in the...

ServeTheHome in the Cloud… Amazon’s EC2

As some saw over the past week or so, ServeTheHome moved fully to the Amazon.com cloud platform. The forums and much of the back-end...