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Microchip Adaptec 24G SAS Tri-Mode RAID and HBA Launch

Microchip has new Adaptec 24G SAS trio-mode adapters that also support PCIe Gen4, NVMe, and SATA 6G drives with new RAID controllers and HBAs

New Microsemi Adaptec Smart Storage Adapter SAS3 Controllers Launched

The three new New Microsemi Adaptec Smart Storage Adapter families offer new lower power and faster SAS3 / SATA connectivity for data centers

Microsemi Adaptec 8E Series Hardware RAID Adapters

We have details on the new Microsemi Adaptec 8E series of basic hardware RAID controllers meant for smaller arrays of SSDs and hard drives.

Adaptec Re-Enters the HBA Market with Adaptec 7H and 7He Series

Adaptec is bringing new standard and encrypted HBA offerings to market in both 8 and 16 port internal/ external configurations with the new Adaptec 7H & 7He

Quick Look: Adaptec 6E Series 6805E and 6405E RAID Controllers

LSI has been fairly dominant in the 6.0gbps HBA/ RAID 0/1/10 market for quite a while now. Early market entry, low cost cards, and...

Sub-$10K NAS Market Spikes, Hitachi’s Cloud Storage, Adaptec 6-Series Win

This week saw research on the sub-$10,000 USD NAS market almost doubling in size from 2009 to 2010. Hitachi announces a cloud storage system...

Anatomy of a Hardware RAID Controller

A commonly asked question is what makes up a good RAID controller. There are many purveyors of RAID cards out there that will sell...

Differences between Hardware RAID, HBAs, and Software RAID

With Windows Home Server 2011 coming out in the near future many less experienced home users are looking into RAID subsystems to create larger...

The Big WHS: May Update 60TB Edition

The Big WHS was originally supposed to house approximately 30TB of storage when the plans were first detailed on an Excel spreadsheet BOM in...

PMC-Sierra Acquires Adaptec RAID Business

I have been using Adaptec products for over a decade, and have generally been a fan (with a few exceptions over the years). My...