Sodola SL-SGT108-P 8-port PoE 2.5GbE Switch Review


Sodola SL-SGT108-P Management and PoE

This is an unmanaged switch. We could not find a management interface. For a switch in this price range, perhaps that is exactly what folks want. We did, however, test the switch for PoE. That first “PoE+++” port, the Fluke could not find, nor did any of our other PoE testers like the TRENDnet Inline PoE Tester TC-NTP1. That may be a spec compliance thing, but between the “PoE+++” label and the fact the Fluke is not picking it up, we want our readers to be clear on what we observed.

Sodola SL SGT108 P Fluke PoE Port 1
Sodola SL SGT108 P Fluke PoE Port 1

The other ports all showed PoE+.

Sodola SL SGT108 P Fluke PoE Ports 2 8
Sodola SL SGT108 P Fluke PoE Ports 2-8

With a 120W PoE power budget, we cannot average close to full power on all of the devices.

Sodola SL-SGT108-P Performance

In terms of performance, this seems to be a decent, but not top-tier performer.

Sodola SL SGT108 P Performance
Sodola SL SGT108 P Performance

On the other hand, for a simple 2.5GbE switch with PoE, that is a good result.

Sodola SL-SGT108-P Power Consumption

Power adapters are always an interesting point. This comes with a few markings on the bottom but we do not know if they are all genuine.

Sodola SL SGT108 P 120W PSU
Sodola SL SGT108 P 120W PSU

At idle, we got around 7.1W which is slightly higher than the 6.5W we saw on the Hasivo even though they share the same power supply and what looks like the same internals.

Sodola SL SGT108 P 7.1W Idle
Sodola SL SGT108 P 7.1W Idle

Each port added 1.5-1.7W of incremental power consumption, just like the Hasivo. Of course, as mentioned earlier, we would expect the majority of the power consumption to occur from the PoE functionality.

Final Words

The biggest excitement around this switch is the price in that $126-149 range. While some will scoff at it being more expensive than a 1GbE PoE+ switch, it is also one of the lowest-cost 2.5GbE PoE+ switches on the market. Indeed, it is relatively similar to the Hasivo unit’s pricing, but one does not have to order on Amazon express making delivery much faster.

Sodola SL SGT108 P Front Angle
Sodola SL SGT108 P Front Angle

This is a fanless 2.5GbE PoE+ switch that we really see as taking over the lower-cost segment of the market. It would have been nice to have an internal power supply. At the same time, often it is nice to just have a low-cost option available. That is what this switch provides.

Sodola SL SGT108 P Internal Overview
Sodola SL SGT108 P Internal Overview

Again, it is a shame that this does not have a SFP+ uplink port, but it is still one of the better value switches on the market at this point if you need PoE+ and 2.5GbE. This might be our new recommendation simply because we do not have to wait for the switch to arrive via AliExpress.

Where to Buy

We purchased our unit on Amazon. Here is the affiliate link for this model.

Ultimate Fanless 2.5GbE Switch Buyer’s Guide

You may have seen that we published theĀ Ultimate Cheap Fanless 2.5GbE Switch Buyer’s Guide. Here is the video for that one.

We decided to do the round-up first and will be filling in with reviews that we had not published at that point, including this one. We are trying to keep everything in a single resource for folks there.


  1. There’s a managed version of this switch sold under the brand Binardat on Amazon, and they also have an unmanaged version with a SFP port. The Sodola switch for $125 is a bad deal considering that the Binardat SFP version is $115 and the managed version is $86.


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