ServeTheHome in the Cloud… Amazon’s EC2


As some saw over the past week or so, ServeTheHome moved fully to the cloud platform. The forums and much of the back-end still runs on the legacy platform, but the front-end main site is all hosted on Amazon’s servers. I have been fairly unhappy with the up-time and performance of the old host so this should be a major upgrade that allows the site to scale for quite awhile.

After the upgrade this summer to a new VPS and partially using the Amazon cloud (CloudFront for images) I started playing with two development instances on Amazon’s EC2 side. After seeing the site’s memory usage continually spike, I decided to move to something that would scale beyond a simple 1GB RAM VPS.

Bottom line, page loads seem to be much faster and I still have some performance tweaks left. Overall, I am fairly happy with the upgrade and this platform will allow me to expand much more going forward! Back to making content…

If you do see any errors, please let me know in the forums here. I have been looking at things over the weekend and they mostly appear working.




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