ownCloud 9 Released

ownCloud version 9 download
ownCloud version 9 download

At STH one of the popular platforms either for a standalone appliance or to run atop another appliance is ownCloud. The platform offers many easy-to-use file sharing features that home users find especially useful. For those wary of using Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or Microsoft OneDrive it is an excellent solution. Today ownCloud released version 9 which is a major new update.

We will likely have some ownCloud content online soon. You can check that link for more information but there are a few videos on the subject I wanted to share. First here is the ownCloud 9 tour video:

One of the more interesting features is the concept of Federated Sharing with ownCloud servers. Using ownCloud federated sharing one can collaborate and share files with users on other ownCloud servers (subject to permissions). Here are the version 9 improvements:

For those FreeNAS users that want to start with OwnCloud in a FreeBSD Jail, I have this video bookmarked:

I have not had the chance to try this with version 9, but this is on my to-do list over the next few weeks. Feel free to discuss experiences with ownCloud in the STH forums.


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