Mesa ZFS Web Interface Benchmark/ Stress Test 0.1.7-Preview2


This preview release has all the functionality of the first preview (0.1.7-preview), but in addition has the following changes:

The Mesa ZFS Web Interface/ ZFSguru benchmark has been recently updated since my last post on the Mesa ZFS Web Interface 0.1.7-Preview. Some of the highlight changes are support for the Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8 host bus adapter, a SMART monitoring interface, and an upgraded ZFS implementation. Again, this is not a “stable” release for production systems, but the ZFSguru benchmark is a good tool to burn-in hard drives due to the length of runs and the load put on drives. Here are the changes since the first preview release:

  • System upgraded to ZFS Version 15 + metaslab performance patch
  • System now detects Marvell controllers correctly, such as AOC-SAT2-MV8
  • (Script) Implemented Disks->SMART page to query SMART information in a convenient way.
  • (Script) Now allows creating pools with a lower spa/zpl version than the system version.
  • (Script) Files->ZVOLs page now implemented; allows creating/destroying ZVOLs.
  • (Script) Services page rewritten to allow stopping/starting services manually and automatically upon boot.
  • (Script) iSCSI configuration implemented under Services->iSCSI page.
  • (Script) OpenSSH configuration implemented under Services->OpenSSH page.
  • (Script) modified Benchmark functionality to start testing multiple-disk configurations first, before trying the low-disk count tests. Random I/O tests should be faster.
  • (Script) new tuning page allows tuning of /boot/loader.conf variables under System->Tuning.
  • Many smaller changes to web-interface!

MD5 livecd: 7d2774bf2771e7c7eb42bec85527e2d5

Hope you all like this release! Remember, you can upgrade via the web-GUI, but that will not update your system version. To use all new functions you have to download the new .iso and reinstall.


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