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Linux-Bench Site
Linux-Bench Site

Recently we have been working on which has been an effort between STH (and me personally) along with several contributors. We have been working on the script for well over a year. Lately we have been working extra hard to ensure it is ready before the Haswell-E and Haswell-EP launch. We were able to confirm that the benchmark is scaling (very) well with the upcoming platform. We can also confirm that it is parsing processor and motherboard information correctly on the platforms we have tested thus far.

For those who missed the recent Linux-Bench coverage. We have been making major changes to the site and functionality.

Updated Site

First, we have added navigation and a how-to with

Linux-Bench Site
Linux-Bench Site

One can see the quick video here:

This Linux benchmark suite does not require many archaic commands. No reading notes from all over the place. It does not even need a hard drive installed in the server or workstation being tested.

The video shows how one can use a Ubuntu 14.04 Linux LiveCD mounted via iKVM to run the benchmark after only three commands.

Updated Online Web Parser

Another key feature release was the web parser. For the past few months, running Linux-Bench required reading results through 1000’s of lines of logs. That was terrible. Now, there is a nice log viewer. At the end of the run (and resultant log file) one gets a ref_link. One can go to the Linux-Bench log parser page and put the ref_link in the box. Once you click submit, the results are shown on a web page. You can even give this ID number to others and share your results. We have some test data already in a sortable table. The only information being parsed and saved is the raw benchmark information shown on the page so these results are anonymous.

Linux-Bench Parsed Results
Linux-Bench Parsed Results

We are only allowing sharing at this time via ID number while we work out the kinks in the system.

New Benchmark Forum

Speaking of forums, we added a Linux-Bench discussion forum to the mix. This will have update information as well as a place to share results.

Special Thanks

There is still a lot of work on the site. Thanks to Chuckleb, Patriot and nitrobass24 on the forums for helping so much with this project.


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