Ladies and Gentlemen We have a YouTube Channel 100K Subscriber Edition

STH YouTube 100000
STH YouTube 100000

This is WILD!

If you follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or elsewhere, you may have noticed we have been in subscriber drive mode for the last few days. It happened, and a bit earlier than expected. The STH YouTube channel hit 100,000 subscribers!

Ladies and Gentlemen, We have a YouTube Channel 100K Subscriber Edition

Just a few days ago, I gave a “mini-goal” update in our latest STH Q3 2022 Update A Letter from the Editor. Four days ago, we had 99,250 subscribers. In the Q2 version, from June 25, I wrote: “Summer tends to be slow for the STH main site and YouTube. My best guess is that we will hit 100K subscribers in late October 2022, or at the start of Q4.” It turns out we did that a bit early.

To be fair, I “cheated” a bit to make this happen on September 30, 2022, instead of in October. When I realized we were close, we swapped in the recent ASRock 4×4 BOX-5800U Review and the accompanying video. I knew that was a cool system and that video would perform at least decently, so I pulled that into September and pushed another video to October. I feel a bit slimy for this, even though that could just be considered setting the editorial calendar.

I also put on Twitter and LinkedIn yesterday that we were getting close to 100K. We had an awesome community that helped amplify that message, and somehow, it worked. It looks like Bradley Hieber was #100,000.

That brings me to my quick thank you. Thank you to the STH community for making this possible! That includes all of the subscribers to the STH YouTube channel, the vendors that help get us products to review, the readers of the main site that have watched this happen, and other YouTuber’s including Linus Sebastian, who looked at me like I was a moron walking around Taipei in 2019 when I told him I did not think we would do video.

I also wanted to again say thank you to the entire STH team for making this possible. While you may see me on most of the videos, there are a lot of people working behind the scenes to make those videos happen and keep the main site running smoothly. It is awesome to think about what STH has become.

Final Words

The question I guess, is “Now what?” We need the YouTube channel to grow. It is still only around 1/10th the size of the main site. It is important that we have some video distribution, and this is getting us there. I know some of the main site readers are not happy we are doing YouTube as well, but we need to in times like these. It makes the site more multi-faceted, and that is important.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring you all fun technology. I am going to take Sunday off this weekend for the first time in a long time. Come Monday, expect more great content on STH, and the STH YouTube channel.

This is WILD!


  1. Let a professional look at the logo (with white background, arrghh) and the layout, used font, etc on the website. You need to make a big improvement here too, if you want to grow. It still looks clumsy.

  2. Congrats and well earned. This is a great site and community.

    Only 1 simple request on your 100K YouTube milestone…can you update your profile pic? That High School pic makes me think we’re being catfished. đŸ˜›

    Again, congrats Patrick!


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