HP MediaSmart and DataVault TiVo Integration Add-in


HP has created what to some will certainly be a killer add-in. The add-in allows a user to transfer files from the TiVo to the MediaSmart WHS and back and then also watch shows from any PC or Mac provided you use the correct software for TiVo’s DRM.

Here is HP’s quick list of requirements:

  • Compatible with HP MediaSmart Servers models EX490/EX495 or HP DataVault X510, earlier models are not compatible
  • TiVo® DVR Series II, Series III, TiVo® Premier and free TiVo® desktop software
  • TiVo® service is required for the TiVo® DVR to function and is sold separately
  • TiVo® service and payment are subject to the terms and conditions available at http://www.tivo.com
  • TiVo® service is accessed through a standard telephone line or broadband connection
  • In some areas, local and long-distance toll charges may apply
  • For Mac, Roxio Toast TiVoToGo is required, see website for details – http://roxiocentral.roxio.com/enu/offers/toast/toast-tivo.html?tla=r_tivo
  • TiVo® MAK (Media Access Key): The HP MediaSmart Expander for TiVo® only supports 1 MAK.  If you have multiple TiVo® accounts with multiple MAKs you will only be able to use 1 MAK.  (the MAK is per account, so normally if you had 3 TiVo® DVRs, you would still only have 1 MAK)
  • TiVo® service available in United States and Canada
  • HP MediaSmart Server, PC’s, Mac® and TiVo® DVR must be on the same network

Also, it seems as though the MediaSmart software Version 3.0 is required to use the add-in, however support on pre-EX490, EX495, and Data Vault X510 systems is unknown at this time.

To download the add-in head here.


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