WD Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB SATA Hard Drive Review


HGST WD Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB Specifications

Here are the official specs from HGST / Western Digital on the Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB hard drive:

HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB Specifications
HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB Specifications

Features of the HGST WD Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB include:

  • Reliability: 2.5M MTBF
  • Performance: Enterprise-grade internal HDD with 10 TB of capacity, 7200 RPM spindle speed
  • Helium Technology: HelioSeal for lower vibration and longer lifespan compared to air-filled drives
  • Interface: SAS3 12Gb/s or SATA III 6.0Gbps interfaces

Here is some more information about the 7,200 rpm hard drives:

HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB CrystalDiskInfo
HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB CrystalDiskInfo

Using CrystalDiskInfo we see the HDD information. Most hard drives today hit spindle speeds of 7200rpm, especially as helium-filled drives become more commonplace. The move from air to helium coincided with drives that ran cooler and more reliably which has been an underappreciated innovation in the industry.

For our purposes, we are using the SATA SSD version because it works in a variety of platforms. First, we are going to test the drives in a high-end workstation powered by dual Intel Xeon Gold processors. This workstation is built on a common server platform from the Intel Xeon Scalable family of processors making it a good platform to see the performance in server platforms that do not have SAS3 controllers.

We are also going to test the pair of drives in a NAS environment. In business and home environments, hard drives are moving out of primary computing devices and into network storage. We wanted to show the performance of these drives in the context of a NAS environment so our readers can see what to expect in that use case. We think this is important to test especially as platform performance can matter and not everyone will use hard drives going forward in mainstream Intel Xeon servers.

Let us continue on with our Western Digital HGST Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB hard drive testing starting with our Xeon Scalable test platform.


  1. I think you missed the point why people buy He drives. You buy them for durability and very hight AFR under load. Other drives have highter failure rates.

  2. Marcin, you are totally correct. 2.5million hours MTBF and 10^15 fail rate is top notch. no sata disk can beat this. Simply the best!


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