$100 ebay gift cards for $95 – 5% off – e-mail delivery

ebay gift card
ebay gift card

This was posted in the forums by xnoodle, but ebay is running a promotion for a $100 gift card for only $95. Unlike some of the previous deals, there is a limit of 2 so one can save $10 off a $200 purchase. Not the greatest mind you, but using the STH forums’ great deals section, it is pretty easy to find some amazing deals.

For those looking, here is a link to the deal: $95 for a $100 gift card (limit 2)

One of the other nice features of this offer is that the gift cards are e-mail delivery. That means the gift cards arrive in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than a week or more with the physical gift card deal.

As with previous deals, these gift cards can be given away and combined with standard PayPal payments. These gift cards have helped purchase many SSDs for testing over the past few months including the new Intel 750 SSD.

Again, here is theĀ $95 for a $100 gift card (limit 2) link. I can also confirm that this seems to be tied to an account so you can potentially have a significant other purchase additional cards. As of this writing, one can also take advantage of ebay bucks while paying with these gift cards making for a very nice effective discount.

Get the cards and drop by the forums to tell us what kind of great gear you managed to find.


  1. FYI to all – it took a couple of hours after I received mine before they would work. If you get an error that they aren’t ready for use yet when you try to use them, just be patient and they will start working in a few hours.


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