ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G Blower-Style Performance Review


Power Tests

For our power testing, we used AIDA64 to stress the ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G, then HWiNFO to monitor power use and temperatures.

ASUS Turbo RTX2060 6G Power
ASUS Turbo RTX2060 6G Power

After the stress test has ramped up the ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G, we see it tops out at 180.4 Watts under full load and 17 Watts at idle. The Turbo-RTX2060-6G saves 121.51 Watts at capacity over the ROG Strix GTX1080 Ti OC which is a considerable amount of power savings.

Cooling Performance

A key reason that we started this series was to answer the cooling question. Blower-style coolers have different capabilities than some of the enormous dual and triple fan gaming cards.

ASUS Turbo RTX2060 6G Temperatures
ASUS Turbo RTX2060 6G Temperatures

Temperatures for the ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G show it gets warm using the blower cooler. If you have a chassis with minimal airflow, that is going to be something you will want to look at. These temperature ranges are acceptable but much higher than dual fan offerings. At the same time, with the blower-style cooler exhausting air out of the rear of the chassis in most systems, this should improve overall airflow though the chassis. A contrary example is the Tyan Thunder HX GA88-B5631 but that is designed specifically for these types of cooling challenges.


As we move on through NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 series graphics cards, we come to the RTX2060 line. What surprised us is the RTX2060-6G Blower competes very well vs. the 1000 series, in some cases, benchmark results were higher than the GTX1080 OC Ti cards. The ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G consumes considerably less power at full loads and doesn’t generate near the amount of heat of the GTX 1080 OC Ti. Results will vary depending on workloads if you need RT and Tensor cores the RTX2060 marks an excellent entry point for workstation needs.

At this time the ASUS Turbo-RTX2060-6G Blower has a street price of $389.99 which is $320 less than the ASUS Turbo-RTX2080-8G Blower at a stiff $709.99. Current prices have changed for the ASUS Turbo-RTX2080-8G Blower which was running at $839.99 when we reviewed it. It seems as though NVIDIA is adjusting pricing to move more cards in the market.


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