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Intel Xeon W-1300 Series SKU List and Value Analysis

In our Intel Xeon W-1300 series SKU list and value analysis piece we look at where Intel innovated and digressed with its new Xeon series

Supermicro X12SCA-F Review Intel Xeon W-1200 Motherboard

In our Supermicro X12SCA-F review, we see how this Intel Xeon W-1200 series motherboard straddles workstation and server domains

Dell Precision 3640 Review Intel Xeon W and NVIDIA Quadro

The Dell Precision 3640 is a well-built workstation with Intel Xeon W-1200 CPUs and AMD/ NVIDIA GPUs among its configuration options

Intel Xeon W-1290P Benchmarks and Review A Top-End SKU

In our Intel Xeon W-1290P benchmarks and review piece we see why this top-end Xeon W-1200 SKU gets more than just more cores in this generation

Intel Xeon W-1270 Benchmarks and Review

In our Intel Xeon W-1270 benchmarks and review we see what this 8-core processor with integrated GPU offers as a generational upgrade

Supermicro X12SAE Review Intel Xeon W-1200 Series Motherboard

In our Supermicro X12SAE review, we see how this new Intel Xeon W-1200 series platform performs and the features of the new W480-powered motherboard

Intel Xeon W-1200 Series Launched

Intel Xeon W-1200 series processors for entry-level workstations succeed the Xeon E-2200 series in the segment but this is not a new server CPU launch