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Zotac GeForce GT430 an Interesting PCI Server GPU

Today we have another piece by Pieter Schaar, the author of our great LSI series. Pieter is perhaps best known as the one behind laptopvideo2go.com. He has...

Fusion-io IPO, Hitachi Ships More Drives with Revenues Cratering, Folding@Home’s New...

Fusion-io hits the street with a much anticipated initial public offering (IPO), Hitachi GST posts higher hard drive unit sales but lower revenue, Folding@Home's...

Folding@home Benchmark Launched

With the sheer number of CPUs and platforms I test for ServeTheHome.com I have been keeping my own records on performance and...

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Xilinx Project Everest Title

Xilinx Project Everest and ACAP Strategy at 7nm

Xilinx recently held a discussion with Victor Peng, the new CEO of Xilinx. A major thrust of the conversation the company's data center first...
Intel Xeon Silver 4114 Chip

Intel Circles Back on Meltdown and Spectre Initial Fixes Pushed

Intel says it has patched Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell and Skylake server architectures with next-gen hardware having hardware mitigations
Gigabyte Server H261 H60 Front

Gigabyte Server Launches 3 New Density Optimized Solutions

Gigabyte Server has three new density optimized solutions including two new 2U 4-node dual Intel Xeon Scalable servers and a 2U 2-node GPU compute server