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Netgate SG-5100 Firewall and Network Appliance Review

Our Netgate SG-5100 review shows what this network and firewall appliance has to offer as we start our series looking at pfSense versus TNSR performance

HP T620 Plus Thin Client and Firewall VPN Appliance

If you are looking for an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and well-built firewall and VPN appliance, the HP T620 Plus may have new life as your answer. We show how to build an awesome low cost, low power, and quiet pfSense or OPNsense appliance from the thin client.

Protectli FW4A Firewall Review Intel Atom E3845 4GB 32GB FW4A-0-4-32

Our Protectli FW4A firewall review with the Intel Atom E3845, 4GB of RAM, a 32GB SSD. We test this system (the FW4A-0-4-32) using pfSense as a lightweight and silent firewall appliance