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This Intel Silicon Photonics Connector is a HUGE Deal

The Intel Silicon Photonics Connector shown at Intel Innovation 2022 for co-packaged optics is a huge deal for the industry

See if Fiber is Lit Quickly Fluke FiberLert Review

In our Fluke FiberLert-125 review, we look at the FiberLert hardware and see how it can quickly detect light used in fiber optic communication

FS QSFP28-100G-SR4 v. QSFP28-100G-IR4 Differences

We discuss the differences between the FS QSFP28-100G-SR4 and QSFP28-100G-IR4 modules we used in recent 100GbE switch reviews

Fluke FiberInspector FI-1000 Mini-Review FI-7000

We take a look at the Fluke FiberInspector FI-1000 / FI-7000 kit to see how this helps ensure you have clean fiber connectors during installs

A Volcano Erupted in Tonga We Discuss Undersea Cable Repairs

An enormous volcanic eruption in Tonga severed the fiber optic cable link to the island nation. We discuss how undersea cables get repaired

Fluke FiberInspector Pro FI-3000 Mini-Review

We take a look at the Fluke FiberInspector Pro FI-3000 that we used to inspect thousands of fiber cable faces saving us a lot of time

MPO MTP Male and Female Connector Differences

As part of our fiber education series, we go into the differences of the MPO/ MTP male and female connectors in this guide

Fluke MultiFiber Pro Mini-Review MTP-MPO Testing Made Very Easy

We take a look at the Fluke MultiFiber Pro that helped us test over 1700 fibers in a day because it is designed for MPO/ MTP-12 certification

What is a Active Optical Cable (AOC)?

If you are not familiar with active optical cables (AOC), then you should be. We have a quick guide explaining the basics

Rockport Networks Switchless HPC and AI Cluster Fabric Launched

Rockport Networks has a switchless HPC and AI cluster fabric that uses adapters with MTP/MPO-24 fiber node-to-node interconnects to skip switches