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AMD EPYC 3201 8-Core Benchmarks Review and Milestone

Our AMD EPYC 3201 review and benchmarks show why this 8 core 30W TDP embedded part has what it takes to be successful in a crowded embedded CPU space

Packet Launching Microservers with Netronome SmartNICs and an EPYC Surprise

Packet is putting a different spin on microservers. The company's early 2019 microserver offering will utilize Netronome SmartNICs along with Ampere eMAG Arm CPUs, Intel CPUs, and what the company may have inadvertently tipped off as AMD EPYC 3000 series CPUs during our discussion

AMD EPYC 3251 Benchmarks and Review the Challenger We Need

Our AMD EPYC 3251 benchmarks and review of the 8 core embedded SoC. This is the challenger to Intel Xeon D that the market needs to diversify the supply chain. AMD EPYC 3251 chips are fast and sip power

Piecing Together the iEi Puzzle AMD EPYC 3000 Spotted in the...

During a visit to the iEi Group booth at Computex 2018, we found the first AMD EPYC 3000 series platform that we have seen in the wild. The iEi Puzzle is a single die AMD EPYC 3000 platform designed as a flexible networking appliance

AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 Series Launch Watch Out Xeon D

We explore the AMD EPYC Embedded 3000 series which is a direct competitor to the Intel Xeon D-2100 series line with 16 cores at half the price with twice the networking and more PCIe