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Falling from the Sky 2020 Self-Hosting Still Pays

In this article, we update our "Falling from the Sky" series where we break down our self-hosting costs on AWS versus using colocation.

Going Colo Series Part 2 – Picking a colocation site

Our second part in our 2015 Going Colo series where we discuss our move to the Fremont, California datacenter that will be used for reviews

Going Colo Series Part 1 – Deciding on colocation

In Going Colo Series Part 1 - Deciding on colocation we re-examine our decision to go colocation versus AWS and found a significant cost savings

Adding STH colo capacity in Las Vegas – Colocation is expanding

We recently performed another upgrade on the STH colocation facility in Las Vegas adding more compute, storage and networking to the colo

Colocation Two Years Later – Learning from experience

After two years of running our colocation setup, we share some thoughts on what we have learned in the process

Pardon our dust – January 2015 upgrades

We have a few big changes coming to STH and Linux-Bench in the next week or two. This is a preview of what is coming

STH Colocation – May 2014 Update

STH colocation architecture has received a significant upgrade in May 2014. We originally posted our plans almost two months ago. A few iterations later...

Buyer’s Guide to Hosting: Bandwidth, Data Transfer and Billing

A guide to bandwidth, data transfer and billing including common features like 95th percentile billing

Pardon Our Dust – Upgrades in Progress

We are taking advantage of the slower time of year to upgrade our Proxmox cluster and a few other key components of the STH architecture

Colocation Architecture Installation – ServeTheHome 2013

A look at the STH colocation infrastructure and installation. Pictures of installation day at our colocation site.