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Rich Chomiczewski “Spotswood” Chassis Designs

Rich Chomiczewski or "Spotswood" is a community member known for making some cool PC enclosures. Rich is best known for his work on custom...

Supermicro CSE-502L-200B mITX/ mATX 1U Atom Server Chassis Review

  For the Supermciro X7SPE-HF-D525 pfSense appliance I discussed in the linked post I of course wanted a chassis for my appliance and decided to...

Supermicro SC842TQ-665B 4U Rackmount Hotswap Chassis Review

Supermicro contacted me about reviewing their SC842TQ-665B chassis a few weeks ago and I thought it would be a good departure from the pure...

Supermciro SC-731i-300B Mid-Tower mATX Chassis Review

While visiting a local retailer I saw a Supermicro SC-731i-300B on the shelf during the same visit that I was purchasing the Core i7-2600K...

Supermicro SC216E1-R900LPB Review 24x 2.5in hot-swap chassis with 900w Redundant PSU

I discuss SAS Expanders a lot on this site, primarily dealing with the HP SAS Expander. One option that came out in the December...