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Cisco Touts Co-Packaged Optics Future with Demo

Cisco touts its co-packaged optics module with pluggable light sources to drastically reduce switch power and increase MTBF and serviceability

Marvell Teralynx 10 Announced for 51.2T 800GbE Switching

The Marvell Teralynx 10 is a new 51.2T switch solution for 64x 800GbE switches that is the next iteration from its Innovium acquisition

Broadcom Tomahawk 5 based 51.2T Bailly Co-Packaged Optics Switch Shown

For OFC 2023, there is a new Broadcom Tomahawk 5 co-packaged optics 51.2T switch. CPO is about to become a big deal in the networking industry