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Intel vPro to the Atom: Only a matter of time

As some readers know, a big reason for the slow content on the site is that I am busy writing a big piece on...

Backblaze Storage Pod Upgraded – 135TB in 4U for under $8,000

One project that inspired some of my own work has been the Backblaze storage pod v1 which held 67TB in a custom 45 drive...

Quick Look: Adaptec 6E Series 6805E and 6405E RAID Controllers

LSI has been fairly dominant in the 6.0gbps HBA/ RAID 0/1/10 market for quite a while now. Early market entry, low cost cards, and...

Netflix raises prices (a lot) and what that means for SMB/ home server offerings

It is no secret that Netflix is a hugely popular streaming and DVD rental service. When it was announced that Netflix was decoupling the...

LSI 9211-8i SAS2008 6.0gbps SAS 2/ SATA III RAID 0/1/10 Controller

It is no secret that the LSI 1068e controller was one of, if not the most widely supported SAS controllers around but 3.0gbps serial...

How to Install/ Upgrade Memory and a BBU on a HP Smart Array P411

The HP Smart Array P411 is a fairly inexpensive 6.0gbps SAS 2 and SATA III controller. To enhance performance, the HP Smart Array P411...

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Dual AMD EPYC 7601 CPUs Can Offset Operational Costs Using Monero Mining

The AMD EPYC 7601 dual processor system we have in the lab has set a world record for dual socket Monero mining and can offset ongoing data center costs

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Architecture Overview for Non-CE or EE Majors

With the launch of AMD EPYC we can finally go into detail about the AMD architecture codenamed "Naples." CPU design is dense but we simplify basics for you
Dual Socket AMD EPYC 7601 Power Consumption

AMD EPYC 7601 Dual Socket Early Power Consumption Observations

We preview the power consumption figures of the top-end AMD EPYC 7601 dual CPU configuration with 512GB of RAM and see excellent results