Intel DC P3605 1.6TB NVMe SSD Spotted

Intel DC P3605 SSD
Intel DC P3605 SSD

Recently we spotted an Intel DC P3605 1.6TB SSD on ebay for sale as “new” (listing here.) The drive interestingly enough is not marked as an engineering sample.┬áThe drive appears to be a 2.5″ SFF NVMe form factor which is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they can be hot swapped easily.

Intel DC P3605 SSD
Intel DC P3605 SSD

Looking at the drive, one can see that it carries an Oracle part number as shown in this blown up shot below:

Intel DC P3605 SSD Oracle
Intel DC P3605 SSD Oracle PN

The Intel DC P3605 SSD series has not been officially announced, so this is a particularly interesting ebay listing. If anyone has more information (perhaps running Exadata in their datacenter with these drives) we would appreciate whatever information you can provide.

We recently saw the Intel DC S3700 and S3500 updated to the DC S3710 and S3510 respectively. As a result, we could be seeing either a refreshed part from Intel in the P3600 mid-range or we could be seeing an Oracle specific/ OEM specific part. Either way, it is always exciting to spot new technology that has not been previously announced.


  1. Hello David thanks for the post I am new to the forum., but wanted to chime in . This is a sun part # I purchased one of them should be here soon I’m going to try it in a standard Intel based single socket 2011 r3 motherboard with Xeon e5-26xx v3 CPU also with and additional raid controller say LSi 9361 8i with Intel dc3700 2.5″ SSD I will keep the form posted on compatibility issues is any other thoughts out there I would love to hear them as well


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