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Cabinets of computing power.

Virtualization: A long brief history

A historical overview of virtualization in Supercomputers and mainframes sharing in the 1950s through Atlas, M44/44x, CTSS, Project MAC, CP/CMS, to VAX/VMS.
Supermicro 5017-EF Interior

Supermicro SYS-5017A-EF Intel Atom Centerton 1U Server

The Supermicro SYS-5017A-EF is a next generation low cost Intel Atom platform with dual Intel gigabit NICs, dedicated IPMI and very low power consumption.

Intel Big Data – Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop Software v3

Today the Intel Distribution for Apache Hadoop software v3 saw commercial availability. Intel held a San Francisco press event to share its Big Data product

Adaptec Re-Enters the HBA Market with Adaptec 7H and 7He Series

Adaptec is bringing new standard and encrypted HBA offerings to market in both 8 and 16 port internal/ external configurations with the new Adaptec 7H & 7He

Backblaze v3 – the 180TB 4U Storage Pod Updated and Unleased

A look at the Backblaze v3 storage pod that is powering the $5/month unlimited online backup service from the company.
Supermicro Hyper-Speed 6027AX-TRF Front

Supermicro Hyper-Speed Review – A Faster LGA2011 Platform

Overall, the Supermicro Hyper-Speed is a very impressive solution for those who need maximum dual socket 2U performance.

Intel Xeon E5-2430L Review and Benchmarks with Dual Processors

The Intel Xeon E5-2430L is a LGA1356 Xeon that combines low power with enough expandability to service most workloads and server environments. We do hope Intel adjusts Xeon E5-2400 series pricing soon.
STH colo full cabinet view

Colocation Architecture Installation – ServeTheHome 2013

A look at the STH colocation infrastructure and installation. Pictures of installation day at our colocation site.
Copy pfsense image to hard drive - PhysGUI select the correct image

How to image pfsense onto a SSD for fast installation

How to install pfsense onto a SSD by writing an image directly to the SSD. This only takes a few seconds and is a quick way to install pfsense on a server
AMD Opteron 3380 and 2x Opteron 4376

AMD Opteron 3380 Review – Benchmarks and Review

The AMD Opteron 3380 delivers a good balance of overall platform price, performance and low power consumption.

Latest Reviews

NVIDIA Tesla Module

Microsoft adds NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta Support in Azure

The cloud wars are heating up for high-dollar GPU compute instances. When the Amazon AWS EC2 P3 instances came out a few weeks ago...
Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 Front

Dell EMC Reaching into Deep Learning and AI

At SC17 Dell EMC briefed us on their plans to leverage HPC know-how and cross-vertical insights to bring deep learning and AI solutions to their customers
NEC Vector Engine X8 In Clear Supermicro Platform

NEC Vector Engine Co-Processor Shown at SC17

At SC17 in Denver, the NEC Vector Engine 1.0 co-processor was a welcome change from the sea of GPUs and CPUs and is designed to fit in standard x86 servers