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Gigabyte GA-7PESH4 DP Xeon LGA 2011

Gigabyte Releases the GA-7PESH3, GA-7PESH4 and GA-6PXSV4 LGA 2011 Xeon Server and Workstation Motherboards

Gigabyte releases three new LGA 2011 Intel Xeon E5 motherboards for servers and workstations. Each offering a unique proposition to the market.
STH Amazon EC2 AWS Hosting Summary

Falling From the Sky Part 3 – Evaluating Amazon EC2, VPS, Dedicated and Colocation...

Continuing the series on evaluating potential hosting options for STH, we looked at Amazon EC2, VPS, Colocation and Dedicated server options

Converting Hyper-V Virtual Machines to ESXi Virtual Machines

A guide to converting Hyper-V virtual machines to VMware ESXi virtual machines using the Starwind V2V converter.
iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS-Black Front View

iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS Review 3.5″ 5-in-3 Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack

The iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS is a solid 5-in-3 tray-less hot-swap chassis that offers multiple color options.
ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2 CPU Sockets

ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Review

The ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 is a AM3+ motherboard to look at with solid stability and many ASUS exclusive features.
Supermicro Hyper-Speed 6027AX-TRF Hotswap PSU

Supermicro Hyper-Speed Power Consumption and Noise

A look at the power consumption and noise impacts of higher Intel Xeon E5 clocks with the Supermicro Hyper-Speed platform.

Falling From the Sky Part 2 – Requirements Driving Cloud Departure

Requirements driving and guiding the site's departure from the Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure.
Gruber Rackmount Rails and Shelf

Gruber Rackmount Rails / Shelf Review

Today we are looking at perhaps one of the simplest, yet most useful items we have reviewed at STH, Gruber rails. For those that...

Falling From the Sky – Why STH is Leaving the Cloud

In 2012 ServeTheHome grew by 8.5% month-over-month over the entire year. In fact, it just about doubled between July 2012 and December 2012 and...
napp-it and OpenIndiana

Installing and Configuring napp-it and OpenIndiana

This article is the first in a multi- part series featuring napp-it. For those that do not know what napp-it is, it is a...

Latest Reviews

AMD EPYC Monero Mining WR

Dual AMD EPYC 7601 CPUs Can Offset Operational Costs Using Monero Mining

The AMD EPYC 7601 dual processor system we have in the lab has set a world record for dual socket Monero mining and can offset ongoing data center costs

AMD EPYC 7000 Series Architecture Overview for Non-CE or EE Majors

With the launch of AMD EPYC we can finally go into detail about the AMD architecture codenamed "Naples." CPU design is dense but we simplify basics for you
Dual Socket AMD EPYC 7601 Power Consumption

AMD EPYC 7601 Dual Socket Early Power Consumption Observations

We preview the power consumption figures of the top-end AMD EPYC 7601 dual CPU configuration with 512GB of RAM and see excellent results