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May 31, 2011

European Union to Scrutinize the WD-Hitachi and Seagate-Samsung Deals

As many industry observers expected, the two major pending storage deals, Western Digital – Hitachi and Seagate – Samsung are attracting antitrust scrutiny. Regulators in the US are looking at the deals, and now the European Union is looking into the industry consolidation as reported this week. 

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May 27, 2011

FTC Second Request in Seagate-Samsung, Gigabyte Xeon E3 Boards, Addonics NAS, Tough Mudder

A few bits of this week’s interesting storage news and an update on ServeTheHome including a FTC request in the Seagate-Samsung deal, new Xeon motherboards from Gigabyte, a new USB NAS solution from Addonics, and Patrick running SoCal Tough Mudder this weekend!

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May 24, 2011

Newegg Hitachi Hard Drive Packaging – May 2011 Update

One area where Newegg has had a poor reputation over the past few years has been hard drive packaging. Recently I have picked up a few OEM Hitachi (bulk) drives from NewEgg and have seen first-hand the new packaging. Since Internet reviews seemingly last a lifetime, I thought it was important to provide a point of view regarding Newegg packaging as of today. Note, this piece is not endorsed by Newegg so it is very possible that the company may change practices tomorrow.

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May 23, 2011

SanDisk’s Acquisition of Pliant – The First Step?

A week ago SanDisk announced a $327 million deal to acquire Pliant Technology, I believe this is only the first step in SanDisk’s strategy. SanDisk is already well known as a top tier supplier of NAND based memory products including Secure Digital cards, compact flash, and USB memory. Although SanDisk’s brand does carry a premium in the marketplace, the company faces fierce competition from a myriad of vendors because flash memory utilizing standard interfaces has become a fairly commoditized market. Unlike other vendors, SanDisk has a joint venture with Toshiba for manufacturing raw NAND, something that many of the generic competition cannot match.

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