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July 27, 2010

Determine WinSAT CPU Sub Score from the Command Line

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 contain a benchmark utility called the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT). The Windows Experience Index is more or less a GUI version of the WinSAT scores that provides the user with a simple way to run the test, and see a summary of the results. With Windows Home Server V2 Codename VAIL right around the corner, Microsoft has given WHS the ability to stream video and transcode video in real time. While streaming may require relatively little CPU utilization (from what I have seen approximately 24% of a single 2.8ghz to 3.0ghz single core), transcoding requires much more CPU power to deliver a smooth experience. Initial guidance by Ayca Akguc [...]

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July 22, 2010

Intel BOXDH57JG H57 mini ITX Motherboard Review

Although Intel’s Atom CPUs have made a splash in the mini ITX space, many users prefer the small form factor yet want more computing power than the Atom can muster. In response to this need, motherboard manufacturers have started to build standard socket motherboards in small form factors such as mITX.

Over the past decade, features such as video, audio, and network interfaces have moved from occupying expansion slots to being integrated directly on the motherboards. For many users onboard video, audio, and LAN obviate the need for add-on cards in a system. With all of this basic functionality onboard, smaller motherboards have become possible, such as mini ITX.

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July 20, 2010

ZOTAC NM10-A-E Motherboard Review with Atom Dual-Core D510

As one would gather from my previous Intel Atom D510 and NM10 post, I am not the biggest fan of the current D510 Atom platform with NM10 chipset. ZOTAC, to its credit, did take a rather mediocre platform and build a solid board around it. The most probable use case is a streaming media HTPC (non h.264) to a legacy 720p display. The nice thing about the ZOTAC offering is that it has quite a few expansion options for a D510/ NM10 based system, and it is ready to go out of the box.
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July 15, 2010

How to Install EON ZFS Storage on an Oracle VirtualBox VM

Installing EON ZFS Storage, an OpenSolaris derivative for testing purposes in an Oracle VirtualBox VM is an easy task. This installation how to assumes that one has already installed VirtualBox, setup an OpenSolaris virtual machine, and booted from the EON ZFS Storage live CD.

The two relevant guides if you have not done so are:

How to Install Oracle VirtualBox (for a test ZFS Storage virtualization platform) on Windows 7 x64 How to Install EON ZFS Storage in Oracle VirtualBox on Windows 7 64 bit
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