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WinSAT CPU sub score detail in an XML file

Determine WinSAT CPU Sub Score from the Command Line

Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 contain a benchmark utility called the Windows System Assessment Tool (WinSAT). The Windows Experience Index is more or...
Intel BOXDH57JG Motherboard Layout

Intel BOXDH57JG H57 mini ITX Motherboard Review

Although Intel's Atom CPUs have made a splash in the mini ITX space, many users prefer the small form factor yet want more computing...

ZOTAC NM10-A-E Motherboard Review with Atom Dual-Core D510

As one would gather from my previous Intel Atom D510 and NM10 post, I am not the biggest fan of the current D510 Atom platform with NM10 chipset. ZOTAC, to its credit, did take a rather mediocre platform and build a solid board around it. The most probable use case is a streaming media HTPC (non h.264) to a legacy 720p display. The nice thing about the ZOTAC offering is that it has quite a few expansion options for a D510/ NM10 based system, and it is ready to go out of the box.
Virtual Box - Virtual Machine - EON ZFS Storage up and running

How to Install EON ZFS Storage on an Oracle VirtualBox VM

Installing EON ZFS Storage, an OpenSolaris derivative for testing purposes in an Oracle VirtualBox VM is an easy task. This installation how to assumes...
Intel D510 and NM10 platform consuming 25w at idle

Intel Atom D510 Review and Comparison to N330-ION

Out with the old and in with the new, but worse platform. I have been wondering about the Intel Atom D510 performance for quite...
EON In Virtualbox

How to Install EON ZFS Storage in Oracle VirtualBox on Windows 7 64 bit

As was mentioned in my previous article, I am a big fan of using VirtualBox virtualization on my Windows 7 x64 desktop to sandbox...

How to Install Oracle VirtualBox (for a test ZFS Storage virtualization platform) on Windows...

Although I use Hyper-V virtualization for all of my current Windows Home Server, Windows Server 2008 R2, and other test environments, Hyper-V still does...

Intel Xeon X3460 Review for the Home and Small Business Server Mini- Review

After the Intel Xeon X3440 review, I wanted to see the difference between the X3440 and the Intel Core i7-860. Of course, I could...

Latest Reviews

NVIDIA Tesla Module

Microsoft adds NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta Support in Azure

The cloud wars are heating up for high-dollar GPU compute instances. When the Amazon AWS EC2 P3 instances came out a few weeks ago...
Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 Front

Dell EMC Reaching into Deep Learning and AI

At SC17 Dell EMC briefed us on their plans to leverage HPC know-how and cross-vertical insights to bring deep learning and AI solutions to their customers
NEC Vector Engine X8 In Clear Supermicro Platform

NEC Vector Engine Co-Processor Shown at SC17

At SC17 in Denver, the NEC Vector Engine 1.0 co-processor was a welcome change from the sea of GPUs and CPUs and is designed to fit in standard x86 servers