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OCZ Vertex v. SAS 15k RPM Raid 5

Question: How does a OCZ Vertex 120GB compare to an 8 drive 15k RPM 2.5" SAS Raid 5 array with a fast Adaptec 5805...

Windows Home Server Supported Memory (RAM)

Recently I received a question regarding how much memory (RAM) is supported in Windows Home Server. The answer is fairly straightforward. Microsoft built WHS upon...

Windows Home Server Remote PC Backup

How easy is it to use one PC to initiate a manual backup of another PC using Windows Home Server? Extremely. This guide will...

iStarUSA BPN-350SAS-Black 3x 5.25″ to 5x 3.5″ SATA SAS Trayless Hotswap Backplane

As one's storage needs increase, eventually even large 4U server cases need to pack higher hard drive densities in order to fit all of...

Athena Power BP-SATA1842C 4-in-1 1x 5.25″ to 4x 2.5″ Hot swap Backplane Enclosure

As high-performance hard drives move to the 2.5” form factor, a form factor that has been common in the SSD and notebook space, mounting...

Icy Dock 3 in 2 SATA/SAS Hot Swap Hard Drive Enclosure/Backplane Review

The ICY DOCK 3 in 2 SATA/SAS Hard Drive enclosure allows for higher storage densities and hot swapping drives.

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NVIDIA Tesla Module

Microsoft adds NVIDIA Tesla V100 Volta Support in Azure

The cloud wars are heating up for high-dollar GPU compute instances. When the Amazon AWS EC2 P3 instances came out a few weeks ago...
Dell EMC PowerEdge R640 Front

Dell EMC Reaching into Deep Learning and AI

At SC17 Dell EMC briefed us on their plans to leverage HPC know-how and cross-vertical insights to bring deep learning and AI solutions to their customers
NEC Vector Engine X8 In Clear Supermicro Platform

NEC Vector Engine Co-Processor Shown at SC17

At SC17 in Denver, the NEC Vector Engine 1.0 co-processor was a welcome change from the sea of GPUs and CPUs and is designed to fit in standard x86 servers