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September 29, 2009

OCZ Vertex v. SAS 15k RPM Raid 5

Question: How does a OCZ Vertex 120GB compare to an 8 drive 15k RPM 2.5″ SAS Raid 5 array with a fast Adaptec 5805 controller?

Answer: It is slower… kind of… but both options have some great features!

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September 28, 2009

Windows Home Server Supported Memory (RAM)

Recently I received a question regarding how much memory (RAM) is supported in Windows Home Server.

The answer is fairly straightforward. Microsoft built WHS upon the Windows Server 2003 32-bit kernal. Practically speaking, this means that WHS does not have support for RAM amounts greater than 4 gigabytes (GB) thanks to Physical Address Extension (PAE).

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September 25, 2009

Windows Home Server Remote PC Backup

How easy is it to use one PC to initiate a manual backup of another PC using Windows Home Server? Extremely. This guide will illustrate.

Here’s the video.


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September 24, 2009

iStarUSA BPN-350SAS-Black 3x 5.25″ to 5x 3.5″ SATA SAS Trayless Hotswap Backplane

As one’s storage needs increase, eventually even large 4U server cases need to pack higher hard drive densities in order to fit all of the devices needed. In the test server’s Norco 4U case I quickly realized that the standard drive bays would not be sufficient. I purchased three iStartUSA 5-in-3 SAS/SATA backplanes, one for the main system and two for the Windows Home Server all in the hope that I could increase drive densities. Not all would go smoothly…

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