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The 11TB+ SSDs sitting on the lab desk (not in systems) by mid-November 2014

Buyer’s Guide to getting a used datacenter SSD inexpensively

Our buyer's guide to getting a used datacenter SSD inexpensively - with a little patience, dual ported SAS SSDs can be had for around $0.50/GB

Seagate 1200 200GB alignment issue

SSD Alignment: Why you should quickly benchmark every SSD

A quick example of why one should quickly benchmark every SSD to ensure proper setup and alignment

Supermicro X10SBA mSATA mPCIe and SATA expansion

Low Cost mSATA SSD Comparison Sub $80 Drives Compared

We compare four low cost (under $80) mSATA SSDs to see how they perform against each other and manufacturer claims.

Using a LSI SAS 2308 HBA and SSD in Windows Server 2012? Turn Write Cache On or OFF?

This weekend I was doing some work on the new ServeTheHome storage test bed. It is a very fast machine. Once I got Windows Server 2012 working on the Supermicro X9DR7-LN4F, I ran into some troubling issues. I first added five d...

Updating SSD Test Methodology – Something Very Different

Recently it has come to my attention that we desperately need to update our SSD test methodology. One thing that as a consumer I like to see is a variety of different methodologies. Benchmarking to different extremes is import...

Kingston V+200 240GB SSD Benchmarks and Review

Kingston recently launched the V+200 240GB SSD. Given the 240GB capacity price point and 6.0gbps interface one quickly recognizes this as a SandForce SF-2281 drive. Kingston’s V series represents their value line. When lo...

64GB SSD Headed for Extinction – Why 128GB and Larger Are the New Norm

We watch SSD pricing fairly regularly at ServeTheHome. When SSDs were newer technology, a 60GB to 64GB SSD was enough to install an operating system and a few programs, making it a lower cost boot drive option when prices were ...

Solid State Drives Are Now Less Expensive than Hard Drives

I had not thought about this in awhile, but Solid State Drives (SSDs) are now less expensive than their hard drive counterparts. Sure, someone probably just did a bit of research and saw a SanDisk Extreme 240GB is $180 ($0.75/G...

StarTech SATSAS425BK Hot Swap SSD 4-in-1 2.5″ to 5.25″ Review

StarTech sent their new SATSAS425BK hot swap enclosure after the recent review of the StarTech SATSASBAY425 unit. Both enclosures allow for four 2.5″ devices to occupy one 5.25″ bay. The big benefit here is that one...

Crucial M4 256GB SSD Review – Marvell Controller Based

The Crucial M4 256GB SSD is a very popular SSD that has a proven Marvell controller. One of the big advantages Marvell controllers enjoy over their SandForce competitors is the ability to handle non-compressible data at relativ...