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Samsung XP941 512GB Overview

Samsung XP941 512GB Quick Benchmarks and Comparison

Our benchmarks of the Samsung XP941 512GB and comparison to Intel DC P3700 400GB and both 6gbps (RAID 0) and 12gbps SAS drives

Samsung SM843T 480GB Cover

Samsung SM843T 480GB SSD Quick Benchmarks

We put the Samsung SM843T 480GB drive through our quick benchmarks and compare it against some other 480GB datacenter SSDs in our database

Samsung SV843 960GB - Samsung Magician

Samsung SV843 960GB Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks of the Samsung SV843 960GB SSD. We compared the drive to a number of competitive SATA and SAS offerings aimed at the datacenter

Samsung 845DC Pro 400GB

Samsung 845DC Pro 400GB MZ-7WD400EW Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks of the Samsung 845DC Pro 400GB drive (model MZ-7WD400EW) and comparison to several competitive SAS and SATA datacenter SSD offerings

Samsung SM1625

Samsung SM1625 SAS SSD RAID 0 Benchmarks

Our Samsung SM1625 benchmarks performed in RAID 0. We see what a pair of these SAS SSDs can do in single ported RAID 0 configurations.

Samsung 4TB External deal drive

Deal of the Day: Samsung 4TB USB 3 drive for under $100

A forum member spotted an awesome deal on 4TB external hard drives. We discuss the deal and the viability of using the drives as internal

Samsung SM1625

Samsung SM1625 200GB SAS SSD Quick Benchmarks

We test a Samsung SM1625 200GB SAS SSD (MLC) in a single-port configuration with our quick benchmarks. This is the 9th piece in our SAS SSD series

Samsung 840 Pro SSD 256GB Benchmarks and Review

For the past few SSD generations, Samsung has delivered quality solid state drives. Community recommendations around the Samsung 830 SSD have been very positive due to their solid all around performance and reliable firmware. W...

Anvil’s Storage Utilities Comparison of Current 240GB and 256GB SSD Offerings

Lately I have done a few SSD benchmark sessions on some of today’s popular SATA III solid state drives. One thing that I did not have is results of Anvil’s Storage Utilities bechmarks for all of those reviews. I act...

Did Apple just Osborne its iPhone Sales?

News recently is that Apple just announced a press event on 12 September 2012 which everyone thinks is going to be the big iPhone 5 launch among other products. I have to believe Apple just Osborned (past tense verb of Osborne ...