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New Tyan Server Products Revealed at CeBIT 2013

Tyan recently launched several new server products during CeBIT 2013. Tyan has been a notable manufacturer of server building blocks for many years now, recently as a division of MiTac International. The computer server market currently has a number of vendors competing for the higher-margin space, especially as traditional desktop sales slow. One way server vendors differentiate themselves is by releasing new products that fill niches such as GPU computing.  CeBIT is arguably the server industry’s leading trade show often unleashing a wave of product announcements. Let’s see what the company released this year.

Note: Spec sections are hidden but can be expanded for those interested.

Tyan TA77-B7061 2U GPU Compute Barebones

The Tyan TA77-B7061 is designed to be a 2U GPU supported platform. It supports up to four GPUs or accelerator cards in a 2U server chassis. The system is designed to work with the Intel Xeon Phi processors, NVIDIA Tesla K20 Series and ATI FirePro series products. On the CPU side, the Tyan TA77-B7061 supports dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors each with 8 DIMM Slots. With redundant 80+ Platinum power supplies, Tyan can feed high-end accelerator cards.

Tyan TA77-B7061

Tyan TA77-B7061

[toggle_box title=”Tyan TA77-B7061 2U Specifications” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Processor 2 LGA2011 Intel Xeon Processor E5-2600 Series up to 130w TDP
Chipset Intel C602
Memory 16 DDR3 DIMM slots up to 128GB UDIMM / 256GB RDIMM / 512GB LRDIMM
Expansion Slots (1) PCI-E x8 Gen.3 slot / (4) PCI-E Gen3 x16 slots unit comes
Pre-installed with M2091-R, M2207-R32-2F and M2208-L32-2F riser cards
LAN Intel I350-AM2 Dual GigE
Drive Bays 8x 2.5″ hot swap bays
SAS Controller Onboard LSI SAS2308 8-port 6.0gbps SAS
Motherboard S7061WGM2NR
Graphic Aspeed AST2300 D-Sub 15-pin
Power Supply 1600w 80+ Platinum Redundant (1+1)
Form Factor 2U Rackmount 30.31″ x 17.32″ x 3.43″ (770 x 440 x 87mm)


Tyan S7042 Intel Xeon E5-2400 Series Motherboard

Another product released for CeBIT 2013 is the Tyan S7042 which is an entry-level dual socket motherboard targeted at the SMB market segment. The Tyan S7042 supports dual Intel Xeon E5-2400 processors with 8 DIMMs each. The board also has basic audio capabilities and support for up to 14 drives onboard. One interesting thing is that the board comes in a 4 DIMMs/ CPU configuration, something seen in the Intel 5520 series chipset generation which adds an extra RDIMM option.

Tyan S7042 Motherboard

Tyan S7042 Motherboard

[toggle_box title=”Tyan S7042WAGM2NR Specifications” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Processor 2 LGA1356 Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Series up to 95w TDP
Chipset Intel C602
Memory 8 DDR3 DIMM slots up to 288GB LRDIMM / 144GB RDIMM / 72GB UDIMM
Expansion Slots (1) PCI-E x8 Gen.3 slot / (2) PCI-E Gen3 x16 slots / (2) PCI-E Gen3 x8 slot ( w/ x4 link)
LAN Intel I210 LAN (2) GbE ports (1 port shared with IPMI)
SAS 8x 3.0gbps SAS Intel C602 w/ TRK-5 upgrade ROM module
RAID 0/1/10 (Intel Integrated RAID upgrade ROM 5)
SATA (6) SATA (2) 6.0 Gb/s, (4) 3.0 Gb/s RAID 0/1/10/5 (Intel RST)
Graphic Aspeed AST2300 D-Sub 15-pin
Audio Realtek ALC262
USB (9) USB2.0 ports (4 at rear, 4 via cable, 1 type A onboard)
Form Factor SSI CEB
Board Dimension 12″x10.5″ (305x267mm)


Tyan GT20A-B7040 1U Intel Xeon E5-2400 Series Barebones

The Tyan GT20A-B7040 is a 1U server supporting dual Intel Xeon E5-2400 Series Processors. The barebones supports up to nine DDR3 DIMMS in a 6+3 configuration. The front of the chassis is made up of 4x hot-swap 3.5″ bays for SAS/SATA drives. This is clearly targeted to be a low cost high density 1U server and it does appear to be fairly packed.

Tyan GT20A-B7040

Tyan GT20A-B7040

[toggle_box title=”Tyan GT20A-B7040 1U Specifications” width=”Width of toggle box”]

Processor 2 LGA1356 Intel Xeon Processor E5-2400 Series up to 95w TDP
Chipset Intel C602
Memory 9 (6+3) DDR3 DIMM slots up to 288GB LRDIMM / 144GB RDIMM / 72GB UDIMM
Expansion Slots  PCI-E Gen3 x8 slot (left) using a M2210-L8-1F riser
LAN Dual Intel 82574L
Drive Bays 4x 2.5″ or 3.5″ hot swap bays
Motherboard S7040GM2NR-1U-B
Graphic Aspeed AST2300 D-Sub 15-pin
Power Supply 500w 80+ Gold
Form Factor 1U Rackmount 24.6″ x 17.2″ x 1.72″ (625.4 x 436 x 43.6mm)


Other Notes

Tyan also released the GT62A-B5512 a 1U barebones with 10x 2.5″ hot swap bays and based on the Tyan S5512 motherboard we reviewed. The Tyan GT62A-B5512 is a 1U rackmount server that supports up to ATX sized motherboards.

It is good to see Tyan still actively releasing products in the market. One thing is for sure: Gigabyte, Supermicro, traditional players such as Dell, HP and IBM, Quanta and new players such as ASRock are keeping competition healthy.

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  • Russell Barber
    April 30, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Yes, a mighty list of competitors these days. Considerations for more industrial high performance boards and rackmounts might want to also consider Advantech. I support their server line and many of the others don’t go 2-year, with better thermal considerations, shockproof drives.

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