Server Chassis
iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA front

iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA Review – 4-in-1 Trayless Hot-swap Backplane

The iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA is a 4-in-1 trayless hot-swap backplane that eases installation and maintenance. With an average street price around $88 it is a reasonably priced option.


Norco ITX-S4 – Review and Build

Our Norco ITX-S4 review with an example build to show off what is possible for a NAS/ HTPC

iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS-Black Front View

iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS Review 3.5″ 5-in-3 Trayless Hot Swap Mobile Rack

The iStarUSA BPN-DE350SS is a solid 5-in-3 tray-less hot-swap chassis that offers multiple color options.

Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB Slim DVD + 2 x 2.5″ in 5.25″ Review

The Icy Dock MB994IPO-3SB is a really cool product. Here’s the basic idea – take a standard 5.25″ optical drive bay and make it more useful. Useful in the sense that it allows one to still use the 5.25″...

Antec ISK-110 VESA Mount mITX Case with 90w Power Supply Review

The Antec ISK-110 VESA mount is a mini ITX case that comes with an internal, fan less 90w power supply. I recently was looking for a new HTPC case for the ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe. My goal was to make a speedy current generation HTP...

StarTech SATSAS425BK Hot Swap SSD 4-in-1 2.5″ to 5.25″ Review

StarTech sent their new SATSAS425BK hot swap enclosure after the recent review of the StarTech SATSASBAY425 unit. Both enclosures allow for four 2.5″ devices to occupy one 5.25″ bay. The big benefit here is that one...

StarTech SATSASBAY425 Hot Swap SSD 4-in-1 2.5″ to 5.25″ Review

Today we are looking at the StarTech SATSASBAY425 which is a 4-in-1 2.5″ drives to 5.25″ drive bay hot swap unit great for SSDs. As SSD prices fall, it becomes more likely that users will turn to RAID 0, RAID 1 or R...

Thermaltake MAX-1562 Hot Swap SSD 6-in-1 2.5″ to 5.25″ Enclosure Review

Last week we reviewed the Thermaltake MAX-1542 hotswap enclosure that puts four 2.5″ hot swap drive bays into a single 5.25″ drive slot. This week, we are looking at Thermaltake’s higher-density product, the ...

Thermaltake MAX-1542 Hot Swap SSD 4-in-1 2.5″ to 5.25″ Review

Solid-state storage is getting cheaper almost by the day, so it is no surprise that users are starting to put more than one SSD in their workstations and desktops. Personally I have had at least three SSDs in my main workstatio...

Installing a Corsair H100 Cooler in a Carbide 500R Chassis

In my main workstation I have used a custom water cooling loop with a triple 120mm fan radiator since the Intel Core i7-920 came out. That loop is great, but requires a lot of maintenance. Not only that, the setup requires a lo...