Disk Subsystem Performance
Seagate 1200 v Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB ATTO Write Benchmark

Seagate 1200 400GB SAS SSD (ST400FM0013) Quick Benchmarks

Today we are putting the Seagate 1200 400GB SAS SSD through our quick benchmarks. The actual model name is the Seagate ST400FM0013 for these drives

Intel S3700 and 710

Intel DC S3700 and 710 100GB SSD Compared – Reliable Boot Options

Today we are comparing quick benchmark results of the Intel 710 100GB SSD and the Intel DC S3700 100GB SSD. It is little secret that Intel has an excellent reputation for reliable drives

Toshiba PX02SMF080 800GB

Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB SSD – Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks and review of the Toshiba PX02SMF040 400GB SSD SAS3. This time we preview some of our database test latency data.

Intel 730 SSD

Intel 730 480GB SSD Quick Benchmarks

Our Intel 730 480GB SSD quick benchmarks. More to come but this could be an extremely interesting SSD option for low-end web hosting.

SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E

SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E 800GB Quick Benchmarks

Our quick benchmarks of the SanDisk CloudSpeed 1000E 800GB SATA SSD which offer high write endurance in a SATA SSD package.

Toshiba PX02SMF080 800GB

Toshiba PX02SMU080 800GB Quick Benchmarks – Pushing 12gbps SAS3 speeds!

Our quick benchmarks of the Toshiba PX02SMU080 800GB 12gbps SAS3 SSD using eMLC NAND for over 1GB/s sequential read performance and 10 full drive writes/day

Samsung SM1625

Samsung SM1625 SAS SSD RAID 0 Benchmarks

Our Samsung SM1625 benchmarks performed in RAID 0. We see what a pair of these SAS SSDs can do in single ported RAID 0 configurations.

Samsung SM1625

Samsung SM1625 200GB SAS SSD Quick Benchmarks

We test a Samsung SM1625 200GB SAS SSD (MLC) in a single-port configuration with our quick benchmarks. This is the 9th piece in our SAS SSD series

Pliant SanDisk Lightning SLC SAS Drives

2x SanDisk Lightning 406s 400GB SSD RAID 0 Benchmarks

We perform our quick benchmarks on two SanDisk Lightning 400GB SSDs (34nm SLC SAS drives also known as the 406s or lb406s)

SanDisk Optimus SAS SSD

2x SanDisk Optimus 400GB MLC SAS SSD RAID Benchmarks

We look at the SanDisk Optimus 400GB SAS SSDs in a striped RAID configuration to see performance compared to other SAS SSDs we have tested recently