Pliant SanDisk Lightning SLC SAS Drives

SanDisk Lightning 206s (34nm SLC 6gbps SAS) Quick Benchmarks

Quick benchmarks of the SanDisk Lightning 206s (34nm SLC 6gbps SAS) and an introduction to a SSD meant to get punished by heavy writes

Intel Fortville Controller Page

40GbE Intel Fortville XL710 – Networking will never be the same

We are in the midst of a major transition. Intel is releasing a new Fortville dual port 40GbE adapter that is going to revolutionize server networking

iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA front

iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA Review – 4-in-1 Trayless Hot-swap Backplane

The iStarUSA BPN-124K-SA is a 4-in-1 trayless hot-swap backplane that eases installation and maintenance. With an average street price around $88 it is a reasonably priced option.

ASUS P9A-I-C2550-SAS-4L-Overview

Exclusive: First ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L Review

Our ASUS P9A-I/C2550/SAS/4L review. The platform combines an awesome set of features for storage platforms and very low power design.

Supermicro X9SKV-1125 Overview

Supermicro X9SKV-1125 Review – Embedded communications platform

The motherboard has 6 NICs including bypass mode, a 7-year service life and an embedded Xeon E3-1125C processor

Intel Xeon E5 Box Bunny

Intel Xeon E5-1660 V2 benchmarks

We benchmark the high performance Intel Xeon E5-1660 V2 with its 6C/ 12T and high clock speeds

Supermicro A1SAM-2750F Airflow Alignment

Supermicro A1SAM-2750F Review – A mATX Avoton solution with 2 PCIe Slots

The Supermicro A1SAM-2750F is the first Intel Avoton C2750 solution we have seen in a mATX form factor. Supermicro gives us a great, low power processor with its four Intel i354 NICs, IPMI management, full size DIMM slots and t...

Gigabyte GA-6PXSV4 Overview

Gigabyte GA-6PXSV4 Review – Quad LAN UP Motherboard

Another strong server motherboard platform from Gigabyte. The Gigabyte GA-6PXSV4 has quad Intel LAN, Avocent MergePoint IPMI/ vKVM management features and performed well under Linux, ESXi and Windows.

Supermicro X9DRH-IF-NV overview

Supermicro X9DRH-IF-NV Review – NVRAM Capable Motherboard

The standout feature of the Supermicro X9DRH-IF-NV is the ability to support NVDIMM technology enabling higher performance and greater reliability.

Crucial M500 120GB mSATA - Overview

Crucial M500 120GB mSATA Benchmarks and Review

Our review of the Crucial M500 120GB mSATA including a hardware overview and benchmarks