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Intel LGA1356 deals are here – B2 replacing Westmere-EP

We are starting to see some of the Intel LGA1356 deals predicted a few months ago. Socket B2 Intel Xeon E5-2400 series is replacing Westmere-EP for lab use


The (Xeon) EN is dead – Long Live EN!

The Intel Xeon -EN series may see its interest falling off, but it is about to become an awesome home virtualization lab platform

WD Red and RE 4TB Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Western Digital 4TB NAS Options

We try thermal imaging WD Red and RE 4TB drive options and get a very clear result on which runs hotter

Three Western Digital Red 3TB Drives SATA Side

Western Digital Red 4TB Deal – $139.99 is back

The deal on Western Digital Red 4TB drives for $139.99 is back online and we have some recent experiences

Gartner Server Market Q1-2014

Q1 2014 Server Market Share – IBM-Lenovo Impact

A quick look at the Q1 2014 Server market share and the clear impact of the IBM-Lenovo deal announcement

STHbench 2013 Results Viewer

Legacy STHbench linux benchmarks web viewer now available

We now have an online results viewer which lets you interactively compare legacy data from our STHbench (2013) Linux benchmarking script

Intel Xeon E5 Box Bunny

2014 Refresh: Intel Xeon E3-1200 V3 Value Comparison

A look at the May 2014 refresh of the Intel Xeon E3-1200 V3 series and a value comparison to other processors

Supermicro X10SBA mSATA mPCIe and SATA expansion

Low Cost mSATA SSD Comparison Sub $80 Drives Compared

We compare four low cost (under $80) mSATA SSDs to see how they perform against each other and manufacturer claims.


New Generation Interfaces: SATA Express and NGFF M.2 are coming

A look at some of the next generation drive interfaces: SATA Express and NGFF M.2 which will be prominent soon

Supermicro X10SBA Overview with Components

Low Power Processor Comparison April 2014 Round-up

Recently AMD escalated the low power processor competition by releasing its AM1 Kabini processors. These processors combined low power Jaguar cores with Radeon R3 graphics. These platforms retail for well under $100 US with pro...