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March 16, 2015

Deal Spotted: Toshiba 12gbps SAS 800GB Drive: $459/ ea

A forum member spotted an awesome deal on a fast Toshiba 12gbps SAS 3 800GB drives for less than many high-quality SATA drives are currently selling for
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March 10, 2015

Intel Xeon D: Memory Support SODIMM, UDIMM, RDIMM

Our guide to supported memory for the Intel Xeon D. We have information and recommendations for Intel Xeon D-1500 series memory configurations
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March 3, 2015

Notes from our latest enterprise PCIe and NVMe SSD efforts

Recently we have been working with NVMe and PCIe SSDs in the lab and with the enterprise 2.5" NVMe drives, SATA III and SAS3 SSDs are moving down the stack
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February 11, 2015

BYO SAS Expander Deal: Intel RES2SV240 SAS 2 Expander

A great SAS expander deal was recently spotted. The Intel RES2SV240 SAS 2 expander is being sold at a 75% discount
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