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95mbps max 36mbps 95th 3mbps Avg

Buyer’s Guide to Hosting: Bandwidth, Data Transfer and Billing

Our buyer's guide to web hosting explaining Bandwidth, Data Transfer and Billing implications of different models.

BayTech PDU

Baytech RPC-3 Deal: Remote Switched 8-Port PDU under $50 – Windows App

Recently a deal on a Baytech RPC-3 remotely switched 8-port PDU. One forum member even made a Windows App to remotely power cycle ports using a GUI

Lantronix SecureLinx Spider USB

Deal spotted: Lantronix SecureLinx Spider USB – $115 each

A great deal on Lantronix SecureLinx Spider USB units on ebay spotted by forum members.

STH colo kvm cart attached

STH Colocation – 1 Year Review with Lessons Learned

After over one year of colocation it is time to take a step back and evaluate how well the project went in terms of costs and lessons learned

Intel LGA 1366 Xeon Box

Intel Xeon X5650 Deal Spotted

Forum readers have spotted a deal on Intel Xeon X5650 chips now selling for just over $100 each. These chips have 6 cores and twelve threads.

WD Black2 Exterior

Western Digital WD Black2 Laptop 1TB HD 128GB SSD Combo Drive

The WD Black2 combines both a 128GB SSD and a 1TB HD into a 2.5" form factor, all for about $300. Unlike competition the 120GB SSD partition is separate

STH Wide copy

Introducing – Server Benchmarking Made Easy

Making quick Linux server benchmarking easy for anyone to do. Run a test suite with three copy and paste commands with

Mini Cluster in a Box V2 Exterior

Mini Cluster in a Box V2 – 64GB of RAM 24 Cores 13 NICs 3 Systems 2 Switches

How we fit a cluster of three Intel Atom C2750 systems with networking, power and solid state drives all in a single small portable case and under 1A @ 120v

Supermicro A1SAi-2750F Test Platform

Testing Power Savings with Low Voltage 1.35v Kingston Memory and Intel Avoton

Testing the impact of using low voltage RAM (memory) on an Intel Avoton C2750 platform. There is a major impact of using low power memory on these platforms

Cursor Blinking Screen

How to fix: Blinking Cursor and Black Screen after Ubuntu Installation

A quick guide on how to fix the blinking cursor and black screen after installing Ubuntu server and desktop.