Client Tips
Intel 730 480GB SSD - Power Capacitors

Intel 730 480GB SSD – Power Capacitors Present in Retail

We open a retail boxed Intel 730 480GB SSD to see if power capacitors are present as part of an investigation into whether there is power loss protection

Intel 730 SSD

Friday Deal: Intel 730 480GB SSD – $199

Eagle-eyed forum readers find a high-quality Intel 730 480GB SSD for $199.99 at two major retailers

Ubuntu RAID 1 - Step 18 finish partitioning and write changes

Installing Ubuntu server with software RAID 1

A quick guide to install Ubuntu server with software RAID 1 (md). The guide should take less than 5 minutes to follow during installation


Get a mid-range Intel Xeon Phi 31S1P for under $200!

Intel is running a deal to get a mid-range Intel Xeon Phi 31S1P for under $200 with development tools included. 90% of street

Samsung 4TB External deal drive

Deal of the Day: Samsung 4TB USB 3 drive for under $100

A forum member spotted an awesome deal on 4TB external hard drives. We discuss the deal and the viability of using the drives as internal

Gigabyte Download BIOS Find image RBU file

Quick Look: New Gigabyte Motherboard Feature – Web BIOS Update

We use the latest generation Gigabyte Xeon E5 platform to demonstrate the ability to update BIOS over the web management interface


Intel LGA1356 deals are here – B2 replacing Westmere-EP

We are starting to see some of the Intel LGA1356 deals predicted a few months ago. Socket B2 Intel Xeon E5-2400 series is replacing Westmere-EP for lab use


The (Xeon) EN is dead – Long Live EN!

The Intel Xeon -EN series may see its interest falling off, but it is about to become an awesome home virtualization lab platform

Synology DS1813 front

Synology – SynoLocker Update

SynoLocker vulnerability we reported on earlier. The bottom line seems to be that one should move to newer versions of Synology DSM.

Synology DS414slim front

Synology – SynoLocker Notice

STH has many users that are running Synology NAS units. There is a serious security vulnerability called SynoLocker that Synology users should be aware of.