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Gigabyte Download BIOS Find image RBU file

Quick Look: New Gigabyte Motherboard Feature – Web BIOS Update

We use the latest generation Gigabyte Xeon E5 platform to demonstrate the ability to update BIOS over the web management interface


Intel LGA1356 deals are here – B2 replacing Westmere-EP

We are starting to see some of the Intel LGA1356 deals predicted a few months ago. Socket B2 Intel Xeon E5-2400 series is replacing Westmere-EP for lab use


The (Xeon) EN is dead – Long Live EN!

The Intel Xeon -EN series may see its interest falling off, but it is about to become an awesome home virtualization lab platform

Synology DS1813 front

Synology – SynoLocker Update

SynoLocker vulnerability we reported on earlier. The bottom line seems to be that one should move to newer versions of Synology DSM.

Synology DS414slim front

Synology – SynoLocker Notice

STH has many users that are running Synology NAS units. There is a serious security vulnerability called SynoLocker that Synology users should be aware of.

linux-bench results view beta

Linux-Bench’s next feature available for testing

Linux-Bench's functionality with a major new beta feature: automated log parsing. As STHbench 2013 morphed into Linux-Bench, we got a request for this

WD Red and RE 4TB Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Western Digital 4TB NAS Options

We try thermal imaging WD Red and RE 4TB drive options and get a very clear result on which runs hotter

Amazon T2 Instances and Intel C2550 time comparison

Testing New AWS T2 instances with Linux-Bench Benchmark

We took the new Amazon AWS T2 instances and an Intel Atom C2550 and ran them through the Linux-Bench script to see if there was evidence of throttling

Three Western Digital Red 3TB Drives SATA Side

Western Digital Red 4TB Deal – $139.99 is back

The deal on Western Digital Red 4TB drives for $139.99 is back online and we have some recent experiences

Gartner Server Market Q1-2014

Q1 2014 Server Market Share – IBM-Lenovo Impact

A quick look at the Q1 2014 Server market share and the clear impact of the IBM-Lenovo deal announcement