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The RAID Reliability Anthology – Part 1 – The Primer

Explaining the reliability of RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 6, 50, 60, and RAID-Z3 in terms of MTTDL and gives a primer on advantages and disadvantages.

Tech Spending Weakness in Q3 2010

Continued guidance in Q3 2010 by tech giants such as Intel, HP, Cisco and Dell are a symptom of "double ordering" and lean inventories not a general slowdown.

ASoft WHS DevKit 2 Version 1.1 Released

To aspiring Windows Home Server (WHS) developers out there, ASoft (makers of AdminiMe and AutoExit) has released their WHS DevKit 2 Version 1.1. This version has more complete documentation including how to create an installer ...

Secure Windows 7 VM on a WHS Server in Hyper-V

A simple guide to installing a Secure Windows 7 installation on a Windows Home Server running Hyper-V. This allows a secure Win 7 VM to be hosted on the server.

Intel’s Atom D425 and D525 Announcement – STH’s View

Yesterday Intel announced the Atom D425 and D525 platforms targeted for small storage servers. Both chips are 1.8GHz parts with Hyper-Threading. The Atom D425 is a single core with 512KB of cache (10w TDP) and the Atom D525 (13...

Apex MI-100 mITX HTPC Case Review

Many of this site’s readers have large storage requirements due to a focus on centralizing redundant storage for multiple client PCs. One common scenario is streaming video to client PCs. Personally, I use a mix of mainly...

Recover Data off of a Windows Home Server Failing Drive

All hard  drives will eventually fail. Some earlier than others. As some readers may remember, The Big WHS lost three of eight new Western Digital Green 1.5TB drives earlier this year within a three month span, leading me to p...